Ski Travel Assistant Manager x 2

Neutral Bay NSW
Ski Travel Assistant Manager x 2
Employer Name: Ski Kaos
Contract Type: Full Time
How to Apply: Apply Now

I require 2 assistants to start ASAP

  • Likely job start is from May 11 to May 18. Normally the job starts in late April but the Coronavirus has delayed things; it now looks like the NSW snow season will now kick off (perhaps a few weeks late).
  • The office is located in Neutral Bay ~250metres from Military Rd.
  • One job will be temporary until at least late-August, more likely into September.
  • The other job will likely be full time permanent (if not then until mid-September
  • This presents you with a great opportunity for hands–on experience in helping to run a small and complex travel business. Although small, the business is innovative and highly specialised. The business will grow and expand over the next few years. The position is also a great opportunity to learn a great deal about running an entire business.
  • The Temporary Job: At the end of this period, your experiences and newly acquired skills will be uniquely valuable to any larger firm as well as other small businesses. Such skills would never be attainable whilst working for a larger firm.
  • The Permanent Job: In addition to acquiring new skills and valuable experience, your role will develop over future years as the business expands and we take on board new staff.

Note: The job roles will be 95% the same as each other until September when the permanent role will expand into other areas.

Job Description
Most work is administrative in nature – phone calls (in & out), emails, data entry, and taking bookings, but there is a lot of other work on the side. The work is quite varied and it changes weekly as the ski season approaches. Many duties are complex while others are simple & routine. You will learn as you go because different tasks come up the closer we get to winter and the closer we get to our first bus trips of winter.

Familiarisation Trip
ASAP during May both new assistants will be going to Thredbo & Jindabyne on a (paid) familiarisation trip together. Usually this means taking my car and spending 2-3 days in Thredbo & Jindy (staying in one of our properties). Even if you already know the area backwards you will need to see & get familiar with all our properties so it’s an important trip. There are also some errands to complete whilst there.

Duties & Skills Essential

  • An interest in skiing or snowboarding – expand on this in your application covering letter.
  • Perfect English.
  • General office duties and administration (mail, filing, computer backup etc.)
  • Take telephone bookings, liaise with clients and enter details into PC. Good excel skills needed for this
  • Reception – handle and log phone enquiries from customers; email out brochures, manage snail mail.
  • Extremely organised and methodical: always tidy up and puts things away – this must be in your
  • Processing bookings & on-line banking (most bookings are emailed).
  • Good phone manner and communication skills; most people who call are calling about our bus
    trips – these are mostly for 18-35s (uni students, office workers etc) so you’d need to be able to relate well to them. Conversely people who just book accommodation with us (eg: families) tend to email us so they don’t account for very many phone calls, but lots of emails.
  • Manage reservations and process bookings into the master booking data file/s, which are in the form of an “active” Excel spreadsheet. (By ‘active’ I mean you don’t do data entry by filling in the blanks – you have to understand the spreadsheet design. I can’t afford mistakes).

Minimum computer skills

  • Essential you are “fluent” with computers (Windows, no Macs in the office).
  • Significant experience using Excel.
  • E-mails, preferably experience using Outlook.
  • Essentially you must know computers well as the business is highly computerised. Many of the
    methods used to run the business require fast and error–free use of various programs. For example, you may use InDesign (DTP) sometimes, but if I have to train you I need someone very used to computers you could get the hang of the basics within hours. One of your duties could be to maintain simple parts of web site – if you do not have HTML and PHP experience you might need to be able to learn quickly.
    Not Expected but Desirable
  • Familiarity with the Snowy Mountains; have you visited Jindabyne and skied Thredbo or Perisher? If not you will learn a lot on the May famil trip.
  • Google Adwords campaign management
  • Google Remarketing campaign experience
  • Facebook adverts experience
  • InDesign, Photoshop
  • HTML, FTP, CSS, Javascript, PHP – pleae advise if you have skills in web programming
  • Linux Server (CentOS) with Plesk
  • Bookkeeping – handle the journals and ledgers.
  • Management accounting / cost accounting skills or experience.
  • Tour guiding, tour directing, knowledge of tour operations

Work Hours
Before 2014 the role was a 9 – 5:30 job with an hour for lunch and the requirement to work the odd Saturday during snow season. If this is what you are after by all means do apply for this job.
But back in 2014 I hired a second person as one was not enough. I also needed as much of the 7-day clock covered as possible. See the first page for details on work hours.
The more flexible you are with hours & days the better. Likewise the longer you can work on your actual work-days is advantageous.

The office is large enough for only 2 people here at one time. If you are wanting a 9 – 5:30 job then this can work for you but if you are interested in more ubiquitous hours then you can work in with each other. Ideally I’m looking to knit 3 people’s hours (including my own) so work is evened out between us to cover later hours & weekends. Between us we cover these hours. Notably its preferable if you can do weekends and if you are a morning person but it not essential. Personally I start very late each day (~1pm) and work till ~4am but I am looking to cover different hours of the clock including weekends. But as noted if you are purely after 9-5 M-F hours then that’s okay. Likewise if you want to work 4 long days per week and have 3 days per week off that can work very well too. I’ve also had assistants who have worked 60+ hours a week as they wanted a lot of hours.

Do NOT apply if you need to take a week off before late-August I have previously interviewed people who wasted hours of my time because they waited to tell me at the very end that they must have a week off in July which utterly defeats the purpose of hiring someone as it’s the #1 time you are needed.

Since the job is temporary you will be paid for every hour you work
$25 – $38 flat rate per hour (+statutory superannuation on top of this)

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